Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN

June 29 - July 22, 2012


Video Clip Montage from the show.


Kira: Nicole Renee Hale

Sonny Malone: Corbin Williams

Danny Maguire: Kent Fleshman

Melpomene: Carla McDonald

Calliope: Courtney Oliver

Erato: Sarah Hoch

Thalia: Standrew Parker

Euterpe: Claire D. Kolheim

Terpsicore: Jared Johnson


Keyboard/Conductor-Renée Kemper

Synth/Violin-Tammy Holt

Guitar-Ed Richter

Bass-Kevin Blair

Drums-Joe Burress

Production Team

Director: Scott Ferguson

Choreographer: Jay Rapp

Production Stage Manager: Katharine Stubblefield

Assistant Stage Manager: Gracie Becker

Music Director: Renee Kemper

Scenic Designer: Michael Brewer

Costume Designer: Rebecca Y. Powell

Wig Master/ Wardrobe/Assistant to the Costume Designer: Nicholas Bursoni

Lighting Designer: John Horan

Technical Director: Kat De Camillo

Sound Designer: Zach Badreddine

Properties Designer: Lydia Baughman

"Xanadu is an airy confection from start to finish, and while audiences may initially question whether it qualifies as “legitimate theater,” any doubts will be forgotten in the glee and gusto of this joyous production. As the show reminds us repeatedly, nothing lasts forever—and there's nothing wrong with being diverted now and then by the shiny, sparkly delight of a fifteen-foot pegasus-unicorn."

"Director Scott Ferguson and choreographer Jay Rapp delight in the dumbness of it all and the cast spreads stupid all over Michael S. Brewer’s makeshift rink. Clocking in at 90-minutes it’s a short, strong burst of ignorance personified and absolute bliss, start to finish."

--Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

"Director Scott Ferguson and choreographer Jay Rapp use every barbed object they can find to poke fun at awfulness in art, and the hysterical 90 minutes of musical comedy that result are the best cure imaginable for the summertime blues."

    --Chris Blank,